B&T Logging, LLC - Michigan, USA

We Buy Standing Timber

B&T Logging, LLC is a well respected and fully insured logging company dedicated to helping Michigan property owners understand the financial and ecological benefits derived from sound forest management. Through careful timber harvesting, we believe you can enjoy the following advantages, both today and in the years to come.

Timber Revenue $$$

Selectively harvesting mature trees can provide you with a significant source of income.

Call 810-417-6167 or 989-233-8107 today to schedule an onsite appointment with one of our timber buyers.


Enhanced Growth and Regeneration

Properly managed harvesting and regeneration practices can promote the healthy regrowth of new trees, leading to a diverse and resilient forest ecosystem.

Land Value Appreciation

Well-managed forests can increase the value of your property.

Conservation and Habitat Improvement

Our sustainable practices prioritize the preservation of sensitive areas, promoting the long-term health and biodiversity of your forest.

Call us today at 810-417-6167 or 989-233-8107 to learn more.

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