B&T Logging, LLC - Michigan, USA

B&T Logging LLC

Headquartered in Marlette, Michigan, B&T Logging LLC is a small business serving customers throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula. Like you, we also enjoy Michigan’s natural beauty and world class forests filled with an abundance of plants and wildlife.

As highly experienced professionals, we provide our customers with information to make informed decisions regarding the financial and ecological benefits derived from managing their woodlots through sustainable forest management practices.

What if you could enhance your property and generate income by doing so, both today and a few years from now? What if you could incorporate small changes on your property to attract the type of wildlife you desire? What if we could help you better understand the current health of your forest and determine how it aligns with your understanding and future goals?

Ultimately, our corporate objective is to establish a trusting and long-term relationship with each and every customer. One by one and day by day.

We are not the largest or smallest company in this space but we believe we are the best at utilizing our extensive experience to help our customers make informed decisions that achieve their goals.

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